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bioCampus testimonials (achievements)

GVK Biocampus is really helpful for the students who have the dream to grow up in their professional life in Insilico studies, The timings are also sufficient if it Is followed exactly as in the syllabus paper. If GVK biocampus is givig its own material in addition to Accelerys material it will be helpful to students get the basic knowledge and they can go indepth study.
Vijetha Royan --- PRD-101

I can whole heartedly say that GVK Bio has given a new meaning to this quest for subject in me. There was a hidden curiosity for this subject. I can whole heartedly say that GVK Bio has given a new meaning to this quest for subject in me. With very Cooperative faculty and helpfulfaculty I could learn each and every topic with great clarity. With subject confidence levels in me grew.
Thanks one and all for helping me in grow this confidence and subject.

GVK….It is a good platform for the studnts by providing courses like “Drug Designing” and Bioinformatics. For their further studies, and also with recruitment facilities. So it may the easiest way to learning the drug designing cous with job. Please give the materials in the simple English may all the students to be understand. It is too difficult in understanding. I learn many things regarding the In Silico drug designing. I hope it may be useful for my further studies.
Thank You
Dinesh --- PRD 102

GVK Biocampus is a very good company providing very good platform to students. Here they will teach each and every point very carefully. It is a very good platform to get job also. It creates very good interest to the students while doing course. It has all branches in Life Sciences. By conducting courses like this, every one will get good career. The projects done here are very good and helpful for further studies.
Swetha --- PRD-102

Dear GVK biocampus,
I am a student of PRD-102 batch, it was very good environment here. And I can say that I have learnt a very new concept here. Coming to faculty we have pavan Sir, Suneel Sir, Singh Sir. I can say we are lucky to have such interactive faculty. But coming to drawbacks or problems faced here are…….. we are conducted with lab session first followed by theory, Its very difficult to understand and follow. The course duration is very little in which we cannot completely understand the drug discovery topic. Since it takes lot of days to understand. I better request you to please increase the duration of the course for fore coming batches. Last but not the least, I have learnt a lot and enjoyed and got good friends.
Thanking one and all
Yours faithfully
PRD - 102

Dear GVK biocampus,
The course (Protein modeling ad rational drug designing) was very good. In theory we heard a lot but in lab we are so excited to do work. Faculty was very interactive. Especially Sunil Sir, teaching was niceand he had a lot of patience to clarify our doubts. Lab faculty is also good. But these 4 months time is not sufficient for this course.
Yours faithfully

GVK Bio campus is a good place to learn about a new software. The theory and practical classes were informative. As the course is very new it takes time for the students from a background different from bioinformatics to understand the course. But the course was knowledge fetching although we have not got a very perfect idea about the drug discovery. So it will be beneficial if the duration of the course is increased to make the student feel worth doing it. Last but not least all the faculty members were very cooperative and helping.
--- PRD-102

Firstly and foremostly I just wanna say that “An Excellent platform for employment and Research. The course “Protein modeling and Rational drug designing” is very useful for my higher education. This is an completely different topic for my academic background. I enjoyed it completely of 4 months. More than academic things personally I have learnt so many things from my faculty. I am lucky to have such a faculty. Now after completion of course felt that “This really works”
--- PRD-102

My experience in GVK was very good. I have studied earlier very lightly as I am Post graduated with bioinformatics, but previously I did’nt have much exposer to this particular area of bioinformatics. My Concepts are much improved and now I am sure to chose this stream (Drug designing) to proceed my further career. Overall I am satisfied with course. It was a new experience for me. My Knowledge is now different than when I came here.
Jaya Tripathi --- PRD-102

GVK Bio-accelerating research, the name aptly suits the organization. A ‘biocampus’ with excellent infrastructure. I really feel happy and previlaged to be part of this campus. Faculty are all the more cooperative. The contents of the course and the way it is planned is pretty good.The concept of In Silico technology and the way they delivered is excellent .The projects also were handled nicely. Once again special thanks to entire Team of HR. Though this was 4 months course, I have learned a lot (also enjoyed). Hope this will help me so much in future. — Cherish this forever
Y.A.S.Tulasi --- PRD-102

"I am studying at the Sheffield Hallam University in the UK, doing my M.Sc bioInformatics course. I must tell that Protein modelling & rational drug designing course i did at biocampus is really helping me a lot, especially the two structures that i modelled & submitted to the PDB, that acted as an oficial proof that i have done something in the field. My Proffesors are suggesting me to do a research work on the Proteins that I have modelled which are potential drug targets for Helicobacter pylori. So i am really grateful to Biocampus for providing such exellent facilities."
- K.Prashanth, PRD Batch

"It is with great pleasure I inform you that I have been selected for M.Tech course in bioInformatics at Indian Institute of Information Technology, Allahabad. I must say that the training at bioCampus has helped me immensely in clearing the national level entrance exam. The course curriculum is very good but the infrastructure is beyond comparision. I also appreciate the freedom given to the students for utilising the vast resources of software & hardware present there. I would also like to thank the faculty for their constant support and friendly guidance."
- Dr Rishi Raj Sharan, PRD-3 Batch

"Joining bioCampus was a turning point in my life. What i needed, i got it. the course content, faculty co-operation & infrastructure was beyond my expectation. Dr JARP Sarma teaching, the way he introduced various background students to the concept process of DRUG DISCOVERY was beyond any words. The infrastructure, both the software and hardware, were to the industry standards of the present day, added to this we had excellent collection of books in the library , to refer our doubts. As a student, i took a right decision, joining the right course(DDD), at a right place(bioCampus), at a right time(soon after MBBS)."
Dr.Subramaniyam, DDD-1 Batch

"It is my privilege to write this note in appreciation of the facility at the bioCampus. Undoubtedly, it houses not just the hardware and software, but a wonderful set of people, working with whom was a pleasure and will remain a memorable experience"
- Subhendu Seth, Senior Research Scientist, Ranbaxy Labs Ltd

"Studying at GVK has been a wonderful experience where the emphasis is on the application of science. Unlike the traditional basic science institutes you will see the actual application of biotechnology and how to use the vast amount of data that is being generated on a day to day basis. The infrastructure is awesome and can be compared to any part of the world. The course is tailor made for the industry and also can be applied to the research going in the academia. By doing a course at bioCampus and working GVK BIO was a wonderful experience and i got to learn a lot in terms of science as well as corporate culture. I strongly recommend this course to those who want to pursue their career in research abroad or work in an industry any where in the world."
- Raghu, PSM-1 Batch

"GVK is having a very good infrastructure & faculty. It's nice to study here"
- Girija.N.G., NOW in CDC Linux, DDD 3 Batch

"The course is comprehensive...covering all aspects of bioInformatics"
- Krishna Mohan, bioInformatics Batch

"The real-time environment provided by the training division is of immense help when we enter into the industry environment"
Dr. Srinivas Vudathala, Protein Modeling & Rational Drug Design Batch

"The extra and personalized care given by the faculty helps us immensely in doing the course successfully"
Neelima T, Protein Modeling & Rational Drug Design Batch

"I must say that the facilities for the training at GVK BIO were absolutely superb with excellent facilities for demonstration and laptop presentations. The collection of networked O2's is truly impressive and enviable and it should serve the training purposes admirably later in the month when Jeff Nauss provides the training in InsightII tools.The efforts of Dr. Sarma and his colleagues in conducting bioInformatics and drug discovery courses are of very high standard."
Shashidhar N. Rao, Principal Scientist, Combichem Consortium, Accelrys Inc.,

what our students tell about us?
I can whole heartedly say that GVK Bio has given a new meaning to this quest for subject in me.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is bioInformatics?
Bioinformatics is the application of information technology and computer science in the field of molecular biology. Or it involves the application of computer technology to the management of biological information.

What are the opportunities in bioInformatics?
The aim of bioinformatics is to collect the wealth of biological information and use it to improve the living standards of human beings. Bioinformatics is applied in various fields.

Why should a science professional do the bioInformatics course?
With the bioinformatics field growing so rapidly, it has almost become a mandate for every science student to be well equipped with computational techniques also. Hence a science professional always has a place in the bioinformatics field.
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